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Building Construction and Timber Industries Employees' Union (BATU) plays a crucial role in representing and advocating for the rights and interests of workers in the Built Environment industries.


With a history spanning several decades, BATU has established itself as a voice for our workers, working tirelessly to improve their working conditions, negotiate fair wages, ensuring their safety and protect their rights in the workplace.


Industrial Relations are at the core of BATU's activities, as the union strives to foster positive relationships between workers and employers in the Built Environment sectors. BATU recognizes the importance of a harmonious working environment that benefits both employees and employers, and it works towards achieving this through negotiation, consultation, and collective bargaining.


BATU represents a diverse range of workers within BE Sectors. This includes Construction, Building and Property Management, Cleaning, Waste Management, Landscape, Pest Management, Timber, Paper and Packaging, and Printing industries. And other skilled and unskilled workers involved in various aspects of Built Environment activities. 


The primary role of BATU is to protect the rights and interests of its members. This involves ensuring safe working conditions, fair remuneration, reasonable working hours, and access to suitable benefits and social protection. The union engages in negotiations with employers and industry bodies to establish collective agreements that outline these rights and obligations.


BATU is also a key builder of the Progress Wage Model for Cleaning, Waste Management and Landscape.


BATU plays a vital role in shaping the labor landscape of our Built Environment industries and improving the lives of workers across the sector.


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