What is NTUC Care Fund (e-Vouchers)?

The NTUC Care Fund (e-Vouchers) programme offers eligible members up to $100 worth of assistance on daily essentials and schools supplies, with an additional $100 for each eligible school-going child.

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*Refers to member’s children staying in the same household as the member in Singapore and attending school in 2022 at an eligible educational institution in Singapore as follows:
- Kindergarten 1 or 2;
- Government / Government-Aided / Independent Schools (Primary or Secondary) under the Ministry of Education (MOE);
- Junior Colleges; Institute of Technical Education; Millennia Institute; Polytechnics; OR
- Special Education Schools


Voucher Quantum for successful applicants

1. Members without family members staying in the same household in Singapore 2a. Members with family members staying in the same household in Singapore
$50 $100
2b. Eligible school-going child*
Additional $100 per child
E.g. Member with two school-going children will receive $300


Applications are open from 22 June 2021 to 22 July 2021. For more information, please click here.


Required supporting documents:

i. Income documents

If you are employed If you are self-employed If you are unemployed
Copy of company payslip of any month in year 2021 If your Annual Trade Income is less than $6,000
Copy of acknowledgement after submitting IRAS form 144 (for Work Year 2020)

If your Annual Trade Income is $6,000 and above
Copy of Notice of Assessments from IRAS (for Year of Assessment 2021)

Note: What you submit needs to show your name and trade income. If you have employment income, this must be reflected as a separate line item.
Copy of CPF contribution history for the past 3 months


If you are married:
Copy of spouse's payslip of any month in year 2021 (if spouse is working)


Copy of CPF contribution history for the past 3 months (if spouse is not working)

ii. If applying for eligible school-going child:

- Photocopy of Member's Child/Children's Birth Certificates

- Ez-link card with educational level (if applicable)

Who can apply?

The eligibility criteria are as follows:
Member must have a minimum of 6 months continuous paid-up union membership at the point of application and is not in arrears.
For Members with Dependents in Same Household in Singapore: Total Monthly Gross Household Income of $3,400 and below; OR Per Capita Income of $850 and below if Gross Household Income exceeds $3,400
For Members with No Dependents staying in Singapore: Monthly Gross Personal Income of $1,500 and below

How to apply for NTUC Care Fund (e-Vouchers)

Step 1

Follow the Ste-by-Step guide here.

Interested to find out more?

Visit NTUC website to learn more about NTUC Care Fund.

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Frequently asked questions

Do contact BATU HQ at 6220 1233 or write to batu@ntuc.org.sg should you have further queries.

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